2040’s Ideas and Innovations Newsletter, Issue 63: DSA, DMA and ADPPA Privacy and Data Update: Time to Strategize

  • Current or prospective EU customers.
  • An audience based in the EU.
  • You leverage retargeted advertising to engage individuals residing in the EU.
  • You use the major social and search platforms to curate those EU individuals.
  • You target them with advertising based on their interests, demographics, and behaviors to generate immersion or sales.
  • You don’t have a consent mechanism in place and haven’t sought and received permission from EU-based individuals to engage and communicate with them, collect and track their data, or serve them advertising.



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Kevin Novak

Kevin Novak


4X webby winner, CEO and Chief Strategy Officer @2040 Digital (www.2040digital.com), IADAS Member, Speaker, Author, Science Nut