Uncertainty and Disruption, 2040’s Ideas and Innovations Newsletter, Issue 78

Issue 78, Oct 20, 2022

You know something’s happening, but you don’t know what it is. Your competition is edging ahead. Your stakeholders are ambivalent. Your workforce is listless. Your management team is exhausted. Nothing that worked before is working now.

You’re not alone. High performance in disruptive markets puts everyone to the test and on edge. Old strategies don’t work because conditions have changed. Managing a remote workforce with traditional management tactics doesn’t work because they’re irrelevant.

Where do you go for guidance? We wrote a book for all organizations, large and small, who are in transition. The anchor to change is motivating and managing people — the individuals who will fulfill your transformation. They are the good news … and the bad news. Without them, your goals are out of reach; with them, you can move forward with purpose.

Yes, but. We know what propels and prevents success. If you haven’t considered these essential issues and how they influence your future, you will fail.

Shapeshifting culture, population, and diversity

Generational dynamics

Active listening

Emerging technologies

Reengineering the business, you are in

Agility and resilience

Measuring what matters

And these are just a few selected issues. The Truth About Transformation is a playbook to help you navigate all the landmines hidden in a turbulent marketplace. Use it with your teams to deconstruct your business model and principles, and to anticipate the future, not catch up to it. And call us to work with you to dive into what’s working and not, and help you stay on track to be relevant, valuable, and viable for your stakeholders, customers, partners, and workforce alike.

Our organizational playbook, The Truth About Transformation, explores these issues … plus more!

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Kevin Novak

4X webby winner, CEO and Chief Strategy Officer @2040 Digital (www.2040digital.com), IADAS Member, Speaker, Author, Science Nut